The Diary of Henry Machyn, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London,
From A.D. 1550 to A.D. 1563

Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.R.A.

London, 1848

1552 {p16}

The xxij of Marche was bered John Welle . . . myllner, dwllyng at the iiij mylls at Stratford, and . . .

1555 {p92/93}

The xxiij day of August was bornyd at [Stretford]-of-bowe, in the conte of Mydyllsex, a woman, [wife] of John Waren, clothworker, a huphulster [over] agaynst sant Johns in Walbroke; the wyche . . . . John her hosband was bornyd with on Cardmaker in Smythfeld, for herese boyth; and the sam woman had a sune taken at her bornyng and cared to Nuwgatt [to his] syster, for they will borne boyth.

1555 {p93/94}

The xxx day of August was cast at geld-hall, for robyng of the quen('s) warderobe, one John Boneard, a servantt of hers, dwellyng be-syd the Warderobe at the Blake Frers, and cast. The sam day were cast, for robyng of ther masturs, ij. wher prentes, and the thurd was a servyngman, the prentes dwellyng in Bokelarbere, for kepyng of herers, and after send unto the bysshop('s) presun at Stratford in Essex.

1556 {p105}

The xv day of May was cared in a care from Nuwgatt thrug London unto Strettford-a-bow to borne ij men; the on blyne, the thodur lame; and ij tall men, the (one) was a penter, the thodur a clothworker; the penter ys nam was Huw Loveroke, dwellyng in Seythin lane; the blynd man dwellyng in sant Thomas apostylles.

1556 {p108}

The xxvij day of June rod from Nuwgatt unto Stretford-a-bow in iij cares xiij, xj men and ij women, and ther bornyd to iiij postes, and ther wher a xx M. popull.