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1914 - Wounded Soldiers Enjoy Mayor Of West Ham Hospitality Stratford.

1916 - Honour The Brave Manor Park - Navy Funeral Procession for, Boy 1st Class John Travers Cornwall, VC - Hero of the Chester.

1920 - Dr Macnamara Manor Park - "DR MACNAMARA unveils Memorial Cross to Jack Cornwell, V.C., the Boy Hero of the Battle of Jutland".

1925 - The Up-To-Date Steeplejack East Ham - St. John's Church literally pulled down - in an hour - by aid of traction engine - stout cable - skill - not a little nerve.

1930 - Never Weary In Good Works Stratford - "'Never weary in good works' HM the Queen visits "her own" hospital in the East End. The Queen Mary Hospital."

1930 - Everyday Heroes Stratford - Steeplejacks "carry on" on top of 150 foot chimney, one of London's tallest, despite Arctic conditions.

1933 - Children Of The Day Stratford Day Nursery, London.

1934 - Soccer On Skates! Forest Gate - At the roller-skating rink

1934 - Would You Believe It? No. 6 includes Stratford - Stratford Common which is only 1 foot square. A commemorative stone marks the area. Shots of the library and technical institute nearby.

1938 - Damming The Thames River Thames, Woolwich.

1946 - Non Stop East Ham East Ham - Miniature Railway for children in East Ham park.

1946 - New Central Line Tube Extension Stratford - Alfred Barnes, the Minister of Transport, opens London's new underground extension to Stratford.

1948 - Coke Making Beckton

1948 - Plaistow around 1948 Archive film 96911

1949 - Mystery Fire - Detectives Called In Stratford - Police suspect arson in warehouse fire.

1949 - U.S. Fairy Visits London Baby Plaistow.

1953 - Tube Train Crash Stratford - Two underground trains crash in a tunnel. Nine people die.

1953 - Train Smash Forest Gate - Minor casualties in train collision in East London.

1954 - Jean Desforges Marries Forest Gate - Emmanuel Church.

1957 - Frogmen Firemen Beckton - Exercise to demonstrate the work of the first frogmen firemen unit in Britain on King George the Fifth Dock.

1950s/60s - East End Trolleys Newham

1960s - Beckton Gasworks Beckton.

1960 - Roll Out The Petrol! East Ham - Roller skating petrol attendants.

1961 - Train Graveyard Stratford - "Here at Stratford works in East London, old locomotives are being cut up for scrap metal at the rate of 2 or 3 every week!"

1961 - Xmas Time's Good TimeSt Mary's Hospital, Plaistow.

1962 - Queen Meets Railmen Stratford - Liverpool St Station & Stratford Diesel Engine Repair Shop

1965 - Firemen Fete Young Fan Stratford.

1968 - Busy Bobby Forest Gate - Police Constable Bert Slight going about his work as an accident inquiry officer.

1968 - London-Paris Freightliner Service Inaugurated At Stratford Stratford - French ambassador, M. Geoffrey de Courcel, and H.C. Johnson - Chairman of British Rail - inaugurate the London to Paris Freightliner Service.

1969 - Godwin Road School East Ham - Good coverage of the question of antiquated schools

1970 - Sikh Policeman East Ham - Mr Harbana Singh Jabbal at East Ham Police Station

1972 - West Ham Speedway Closes West Ham.

1981 - Newtown Point Demolition Stratford.

1990s - Stratford, East London Streets, Station.