A Goodly Gallerye With A Most Pleasaunt Prospect, into the garden of naturall contemplation...

William Fulce

Anno 1563
The Seconde Booke, of fyery Meteores: Fol.11

More than fiftene yeares ago, on May daye, when many younge folke went abroade early in the morning, I remember, by five of the clocke in the forenoone, there was newes come to London, that the Devill the same mornynge, was seene flyinge over the Temmes: afterward came worde, that he lyghted at Stratforde, and ther was taken and sett in the stockes, and that though he would fayne have dissembled the matter, by turning hym selfe into the likenes of a má, yet was he knowé welinough by his cloven feet. I knowe some yet atrue, that went to see hym, & returning affirmed, that he was indeed seen flying in the ayre, but was not taken prisoner. I remember also that som anysert he had been shoot at with guns, or shasres as he flewe over the Temes. Thus do ignorant men iudge of these thynges that they knowe not, as for this Devill, I suppose it was a flyinge Dragon, wherof we speake, very feare full to loke upon, as though he had life, because he moveth, wher as he is no thing else but cloudes & smoke, so mightie is God, that he cá scare his enemies, with these and suche lyke operations, whereof some examples may be founde in holy scripture.